KDS will provides an environment that allows and encourages an individual to learn and achieve goals through a set of progressive steps. This environment will allow each individual to fulfill inner needs and begin to develop an awareness of these needs. KDS will provide 24 hour continuous supervision for persons with developmental disabilities.

Quality Residential Services

Adult Training
Clients are provided daily living skill instruction, socialization, and cognitive skills. Staff members are present in the home at all times and together with the residents, everyone will function as a large extended family creating a place that is truly home. Everyday repetition (a key to learning), is stressed in giving each client certain responsibilities.
Economic Self-Sufficiency:  Banking, budgeting, supported employment, shopping, daily living skills including hygiene, grooming, cleaning and laundry.
Transportation:  Clients will learn ability to self- transport; individuals can participate in P.A.C.E. programs.

Community Integration
Volunteer opportunities in churches (we will address different dominations), senior activities, social group, horticulture classes, community college courses, multicultural experiences. Individual goals are developed addressing the needs of each individual. Social activities and events will also play a large role in community integration.

Supported Employment
This program is a partnership designed to bring employers together with disabled employees. KDS will utilize a multi-step process to secure our residents with prospective employers from various companies. This supported employment will afford individuals an opportunity to achieve independence financially and emotionally within society.

KDS´s Direct Care staff will provide day-to-day care & skill building services. This staff includes nurses, therapists, social workers, music/art therapists.

KDS Activites

  • Recreational Bowling
  • Movie Nights
  • Dance Nights
  • Music Night
  • Holiday Social Club
  • Shopping
  • Banking
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